Association for Archaeology and Anthropology – selling/buying artefacts???

Posted on September 19, 2012


Sometimes you see something on the web that just makes you do a double take. I just had one of those moments.  I saw a post saying:

Association for Archaeology and Anthropology – selling/buying genuine artefacts. Interested in genuine Byzantine jewellery? Ever collected arrowheads from different cultures?

So I clicked on the linked and you would not believe it (sarcasm). The Southern Urals State University Students Association for the Advancement of Archaeological and Anthropological Studies in Russia was selling “genuine” artifacts to help raise money. Guess what? The association is actually based out of Washington State in the US so you can get local shipping rates. How nice of the this made up Russian school group to think of its buyers when selling “real” artifacts. Interesting that they have a website for selling but not for the actual association (again sarcasm).

They even have a twitter account.

Sometimes you see scams that are so poorly put together that you wonder how they can possibly work? One theory are scams are so bad on purpose so that they only get the most gullible people so they do not have to waste their time with people who would not fall for it.   Maybe that is what they are trying to do?

You can look at the photos and tell that the items are fake.

Really ancient Egyptians used stainless steel earing hooks?

The Twitter account seems to be abandoned so maybe they realized it was a waste of time and have given up. We can only hope.



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