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Our past, its future: the built environment in a changing world

August 26, 2015


Another video recorded session from the CIfA conference: Our past, its future: the built environment in a changing world Organiser(s): Ed James, Beacon Planning Ltd and Cath Poucher, Historic England English Heritage’s NHPP 2011-2015 and Key Messages Report (2013) identify a suite of environmental and related threats to our built heritage. The obvious implications of […]

Modelling large-scale human dispersals: data, pattern and process

August 24, 2015


A session video recorded from the CAA international conference: Archaeology has largely moved forward from the simplistic ‘dots-on-the-map’ and ‘arrows-on-the-map’ approaches when it comes to studying large-scale human movements. Current models regarding spatio-temporal distribution and migration of humans often highlight the complex nature of such phenomena and the limitations that any particular data type impose […]

Archaeology divorces Anthropology!!! But what about the kids?

August 20, 2015


Over the last few days I’ve seen this article ‘Why archaeology needs a divorce from anthropology’ pop up all over social media. The cliff notes version of the article is that the author believes it is time that Archaeology in North America stops being part of Anthropology*. I like this article and you should read […]

Demystifying ‘capacity building’

August 20, 2015


Here is another session video recorded from the CIfA conference: Organiser(s): Kenneth Aitchison, Landward research and Amanda Feather, Historic England Heritage 2020: building capacity through collaborative working Mike Heyworth, Director, CBA Heritage 2020 is a new initiative in England to agree areas for collaborative working to add value to existing activity and deliver shared priorities for […]

Glass Ceilings, Glass Houses, Or Glass Parasols?

August 19, 2015


Another session from CIfA and one that needs to be shared more widely so please tweet, share, etc.: Organiser(s): Paul Belford (CPAT) and Hilary Orange (UCL) Women have always played a prominent role in archaeology (, and recent research shows that numbers of women in archaeology are increasing – some 46% in 2012-13 compared to […]

“We do not do that anymore” The Future of the Graphics Profession in Archaeology

August 17, 2015


Another great session from the CIfA conference: Organiser(s): Steve Allen, York Archaeological Trust & CIfA Graphic Archaeology Group In the (not so) recent past, it was fairly easy to divide graphics professionals into ‘Illustrators’ or ‘Surveyors’- with a degree of overlap when it came to preparing the final images for publication! The way that the […]